Chicken Tractor

We are excited to offer these nicely built portable chicken coops by Porta-Coop! These are manufactured by a family owned Amish business. The chicken tractor comes in three sizes- 10×12 (120 sq ft), 6×8 (48 sq ft), and 4×5 (20 sq ft). This is a great way to get your poultry outdoors in the fresh air and to fresh grass on a daily basis. These work great for all types of poultry- layers, broilers, geese, ducks, and more! Not to mention they also work great for dogs, bunnies, lambs, and kids! If you’re tired of pulling around the heavy Joel Salatin style coops then look no further, buy a Porta-Coop! The chicken tractor comes with a set of wheels in the rear to make your job of feeding the chickens easier! We offer these portable chicken coops for sale here in Nebraska at our location or we can direct ship!

SizeSquare FeetPrice (freight not included)
Porta-Coop 4X520 sq ft$1290*
Porta-Coop 6X848 sq ft$1890
Porta-Coop 10X12120 sq ft$2690
*Accessories included with the 4X5 pricing

We also offer a variety of accessories to go along with the Porta-Coop chicken tractor. See the table below for additional options for the Porta-Coops.

3 Hole Roll-Out Nest Box$240
5 Hole Roll-Out Nest Box$280
6′ Roost$20
10′ Roost$40